Welcome to Uncle Tim's Parisian Flea Circus!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls!

To the One, the Only... Uncle Tim's Flea Circus!!! 


For years Uncle Tim traveled the highways and byways of Britain looking for something, something different, something amazing... on one of these travels Uncle Tim came across a performing Flea, none other than Fifi le Flea!

Together they formed Uncle Tim's Flea Circus and to this day they delight families with the thrill of the challenge race!! 

Of course Fifi can be challenged by any Flea, but a vendetta has been raging with the most evil Flea in the world... the notorious Black Noir!  

He has been hounding Fifi across the country - let's hope he doesn't make it to the next race... 


Uncle Tim performs at Another Fine Fest
Uncle Tim performs at Another Fine Fest!


Uncle Tim's Flea Circus is a street theatre act that has taken the streets of Ulverston and the surrounding area by storm for over 20 years!

The act itself lasts approximately 20 minutes although with audience participation this can be longer - oh yes it can!

Uncle Tim together with the amazing Fifi and occasionally joined by sidekick Daisy have travelled throughout Cumbria, the UK and even appeared at The Edinburgh Fringe!

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